Thursday, 20 October 2016

Caryon Picture

Just framed this unusual picture, I'm sure you will agree that it new and unusual way to use crayons 

The original picture was surface mounted on black mountcard, then framed in a black box frame (for depth ) then a black spacer was added to the frame to keep the glass off the crayons

Friday, 7 October 2016

Eclectic Collection

Do you have a lot of small photographs  you would like to be framed, but you don't want them framed all the same, of you want to give the impression that they have been framed over a number of years. Well Frontier Picture Frames can be the answer, we can frame them in an eclectic mix of frames, at a very reasonable cost, why not pay a visit to us, don't forget to bring the photos in with you

Monday, 3 October 2016

Cigarette Card Collection

We often are asked if we can frame collection of cigarette cards, of course the answer is yes we can, below is an example of one we did not very long ago

Did I say that we can write on the mount as well, we used a gold pen, which we attached to our computerized mount cutter, then we were able to put the title on the rich green mount, which was just the finishing touch

Tower of London Poppy - Framed

We are very proud to ask to frame one of the ceramic Poppies from The Tower Of London

We attached the poppy in what we call a 'cove box' which is a box made from mountcard which has slopping sides. the other mount is a double mount in an off white with a deep red under, all finished in a very deep black frame. We can also use white or a natural colour frame, do call us for details

St. Ives Frame

This is our take on what is sometimes known as a St. Ives Frame, normally painted white, but we have had requests for black

No glass is used normally, as the pictures are original oils or acrylic 

Manchester United Football shirt Framed

Just done another sports shirt framing, a simple black outer frame with a white inner frame, really sets the this Manchester United Football...